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These are the toys I am actively looking for, but not limited to this listing:
Buddy L Number 208 Coach Bus
Buddy L Toys

Buddy L Toys Made by the Moline Pressed Steel Company. Buddy Toys I am looking for Inlcude the Buddy L Tug Boat Number 3000 , Buddy L  Road Roller,  Buddy L International Harvester Red Baby Express Truck, Lumber Truck  from 1927, Buddy L baggage Truck 203B, Buddy L railway Express truck 204A, Buddy L Railway Truck, Buddy L FireTrcuk Number 205, Number 205D Buddy L Water Tower, Buddy L 206B Sprinkler Truck. 207 Buddy L Ice Truck, Buddy L Number 208 Coach Bus.
Buddy L Jr Series
Buddy L Jr Dairy Truck, Buddy L Jr 2003 Oil Truck, 2004 Air Mail Truck, Buddy L Jr. Dump Truck 2001

Keystone Manufacturing Company
Keystone Packard American Railway Express Truck, Keystone Packard U.S. Mail Truck, Keystone Packard U.S. Army Truck, Keystone Packard Ride-em Truck, Keystone Packard Police Partol Truck both regular version and Ride-em, Keystone Packard Sprinkler Tank Truck, Keystone Packard Koaster Truck, Keystone Packard Moving Van Truck, Keystone Packard Ride Em Moving Van Truck, Keystone Packard Ambulance, Keystone Packard Ride Em Circus Truck, Keystone Packard Ride Em Circus truck with headlights, Keystone Packard Coast to Coast Bus, Keystone Dugan Brothers Bakery Truck
Keystone Airplanes
Keystone rapid Fire Motor Mail Plane, Keystone Tri-Motor Mail Plane, Keystone Ride em Mail PLane, Keystone Ride Em Mail Plane wiht operating Headlights

Structo Auto Builder Sets Auto Builder and Auto Builder Deluxe, Structo High Wheel Tractor with Trailers, Giant Truck Builder Dump Truck Kit, Yuba Tractor, Ready Built Road Grader, Structo Ready Built Roadster, Contractors Truck, Whippet Tank, Fire Insurance Patrol, Police Partol, Moving Van, U.S. Mail Truck, Screen Side Truck, Ambulance Truck Packard, Structo Motor Transport, Air Mail Transport, Wrecking Auto, Structo Pumping Fire Engine, Structo The Speed Wagon, Special Evening Ledger Newspaper Speed Wagon, The Ledger Newspaper Truck Speed Wagon.
Structo Airplanes
American Flyer Spirit of Columbia , American Flyer Spirit of America Airplane, Structo The Sky King Airplane,
Vintage Smith Miller Frederick and Nelson Semi Truck
Smith Miller
Smith Miller L Mack Bekins, Smith Miller L Mack Sibleys, 1954 Smith Miller-Mic Lincoln Capri & House Trailer, Smith Miller L Mack Garrett Truck And Trailer, Smith Miller Mic Tractor Trailer, 1950S Smith Miller Dump Truck , Smith Miller Gmc Steffke Freight Co Private Label, G. Fox Truck, Smith Miller B Mack Hennis Freight Lines, Smith Miller L Mack Bekins, Smith Miller B Mack Van Truck Semi Smitty Toys, Smith Miller Howard Sommers Tow Truck, Smith Miller Silver Streak Original Truck And Trailer, Smith Miller B Mack Cleveland Wrecking Semi, Smith-Miller Mobilgas Tandem Tanker Trailer Truck, Smith Miller Mic Auto Transport Car, Smith Miller L Mack Parker Bros Cement Truck, Smith Miller Garrett Truck And Trailer Lf Mack Cab, Smith Miller Mack Log Truck In Green And Red. With Logs And Box, Smith Miller B-Mack Hollywood Search Lite Truck
American National dump truck
American-National Company
American National Mack Dump Truck, American National Mack Tank Truck, and Non Mack Tank truck, Mack Moving Van, American National Mack Coal Truck, Mack Express Truck, American National Circus Truck Mack With or without Headlights, Mack Chemical Truck, Mack Stake Body Truck, American National Richfield Oil Truck, Mack Patrol Wagon Truck, American National Swallow Airplane, Packard Fire Chief Open Car, Packard Roadster.
Adams Doepke Toy Caterpillar tractor
Doepke Yard Bird Ride on Trains, Doepke Model Toys Unit crane, Rossmoyne Unit Crane, Pumper Fire Truck, Charles Doepke Barber Greene Bucket Loader, Doepke Searchlight Truck, Snad Loader, MG Kit Car, Jaguar Kit Car Doepke, Doepke Model Toys, Euclid Bottom Dump Tractor, Doepke 1950's "MODEL TOYS" MG car, Jeager Concrete Mixer, Rossmoyne Aerial Ladder Fire Truck, Vintage Doepke Toy Barber Greene Auger Conveyer
1955 Tonka Toys AA Wrecker Tow Truck
Tonka Toys
Younkers Semi Truck and Trailer, Tonka Toys G. Fox Semi truck and Metro Van, Bond Bakery Metro Van, Tonka Power Boom Truck, Ramp hoist trcuk in Red or Green color, Boxed Tonka Sets, Coast to Coast Utility Truck, Jenny Semple Hill & co Semi Truck from 1953, Ace Hardware Semi, Stix Baer and Fuller Semi truck and Metro Van, Marshall Field and Co Semi Truck, 1953 Tonka Toys Meier and Frank Semi, Wilson Semi Truck, Our Own Hardware Semi truck, Schweigert Meats Box Van, Tonka Express Van, Star Kist Tuna, Minute maid Box Van, True Value, Hardware Hank, Bruce Floor Wax, Robin Hood Flour, Tonka Land Rover Dump Truck , Eibert Coffee Metro Van, Hycrest Farms Tri-City Dairy Metro Van, holsum metro van, Morrel Meats Semi, Tonka Toys Jewel Tea Company Semi, Rikes RikeKumler Semi, Hormel Meats, United Van Lines Semi, Minute Maid Semi, Republic Van LInes Tonka Toys Semi truck
All American Toys Timber Toter Salem Oregon
All American Toys
All American Timber Toter, Logging Skid, All American Toy Company Box Truck Limited Edition, All American Toy Co Hay Grain and Feed Truck and Trailer, All American Toy Co Timber Toter Truck, All American Toy Company Shell Tanker, Skragitt All American Scoop-A-Veyor Wheeled Conveyor, All American Toy Co. 50's Galion Dump Truck Green, All American Toy Company Short Logger with Trailer, 18 wheel log truck, Heel Boom Loader, Tanker truck & trailer, Lumber truck & trailer, Utility truck and trailer, All American Toy Co.

Arcade Cast Iron
Arcade Spirit of St Louis, International Harvester Trac-Tractor, Andy Gump Car, Biuck Sedan, Arcade Cast Iron Taxi, Arcade Reo Coupe, 1570 Checker Cab, 1590 Yellow Cab, 139 Bullet Racer, Fageol Safety Coach, 319 White Bus, 313 Yellow Parlor Coach, ACF Coach Bus with opening front door, 315 Double Decker Yellow Coach,  11 inch ford wrecker, International Delivery Truck, Red Baby International Harvester, Arcade International Stake Truck, International Dump Truck, 240 Carry Car Trailer, 257 Mack Ice Truck.
Steelcraft Ambulance
SteelCraft City Delivery Van, Steelcraft Tank Truck, Steelcraft GMC Tractor and Trailer, GMC Digger Truck, GMC Moving Van, Steelcraft Mack Army Truck, Steelcraft Mack Railway Express Truck, Steelcraft Mack Polise Patrol Truck, Steelcraft Mack Jr U.S. Mail truck, Mack Army Truck,  Steelcraft Mack Ice Truck, Intercity Bus, Steelcraft Sheffield Farms Comany Truck, Dugan Bros Bakery Van Truck, Steelcraft Schuesters Milwaukee Rider Truck, Steelcraft Elite Lanudry, Steelcraft Wrecker Truck, Bloomingdales Delivery Van, Mandell Brothers Delivery Van, Steelcraft White Clamshell Bucket Truck.
SteelCraft Airplanes
 SteelCraft Tri-Prop U.S. Mail Airplane
Steelcraft Army Scout Plane, Steelcraft Akron Zeppelin, Graf Zeppelin, Tri-Motor Army Scout Plane, Steelcraft Lindy N.Y. to Paris Airplane, Steelcraft Little JIm, Lockheed Sirius Airplane, Lockheed Sirius Airplane with Lights.

 I am building this site as a terrific reference site for collectors and anyone interested in the history of old pressed steel toys. My goal is to share my enthusiasm for these terrific pieces of craftsmanship.


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