How to Get a Prescription For Medical Marijuana in Oregon

Thirteen states have laws permitting the utilization of therapeutic pot. How might you get a solution in Oregon? tulsa dispensary

You should be an occupant of the State of Oregon. You should probably demonstrate that you are an inhabitant. Verification can include:

Current Oregon picture ID card or,

Current photograph and a duplicate of your Oregon voter’s enrollment card

You should have a condition that requires the utilization of therapeutic pot.

These are:

Cachexia – the serious loss of weight joined with weariness, shortcoming, and loss of hunger.

Malignant growth

Constant agony



Numerous sclerosis


Serious sickness


Amyotrophic parallel sclerosis

Each state has its own arrangement of conditions, however these are the most broadly settled upon.

Make duplicates of all reports previously you round anything out.

Go on the web and acquire the structures. The connection is beneath.

Download the correct structures at: and print them out. The structures you will require are:

Application to Register for Participation in Medical Marijuana Act Program and

Going to Practitioner Statement

Peruse all records totally before you round anything out.

Make a meeting with you essential consideration doctor and give them a duplicate of the: Attending Practitioner Statement.

Have them round out the shape and return it to you. Look the record over. Ensure that all parts are rounded out before you leave your specialist’s office.

You should locate a physical develop site for your therapeutic cannabis. It must be recorded on your application. You may become your own.

Rehash the: Application to Register for Participation in Medical Marijuana Act Program. Round it out. Recheck it. Leave no spaces. Sign the record.

Make a check or cash arrange payable for $100 to: “OMMP” or “DHS/State of Oregon”. This sum is non-refundable.

On the off chance that you get Food Stamp benefits, Supplemental Security Income, or an individual from the Oregon Health Plan, you may fit the bill for a diminished application charge of just $20.

Make duplicates all things considered.

Mail your archives to:


PO BOX 14450

Portland, OR 97293-0450

On the off chance that you move, you have 10 days to advise the Medical Marijuana Program recorded as a hard copy with your difference in location. They won’t acknowledge a difference in location by phone.

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