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It’s the Best Fun Ever
BUILDING a Structo Automobile, Truck or Tractor is the next best thing to building a real one! These toys have parts like real machines, You assemble the parts, thus building your own auto, truck or tractor, It’s fine sport and shows h w real machines are built. Structo models have lots of speed and pulling power; strong, powerful motors send them over the road in a hurry, straight ahead, ‘round in a circle, up hill or on the level, Some have sliding gear transmission and “big car’ differential; others have direct shaft drive, with die-cast gears on rear axle. They all have many features of real cars, and are large, strong, handsome machines, They run like real machines, too, Crank the motor. “throw her in high,” and off she goes!

Structo DeLuxe Auto Number 12Structo DeLuxe Auto, No 12.

A "regular" car. 16 inches long. Triple unit motor; "big car" transmission and differential like pictured. Two speeds forward and reverse. Orange with black trimming.

Structo Ready Built Caterpillar Whippet Tank, No 48.

 Just like a French war tank.

Structo Dump Truck, No. 14.

Just like a real truck. Triple unit motor; sliding gear transmission. Load dumping attachment. 18 inches long. Red body.

Structo Racing Auto No 8Structo Racing Auto No 8

A powerful speed-Demon racing car. 16 inches ling. Green enamel, black trimming.

Structo Ready Built Tractor no 44Structo Ready Built Tractor no 44

An Accurate duplication of a well known tractor. 11 1/2 inches long. Separate disc Harrow included. Green; red and black trimming.

Structo ready built roadster No 40Structo ready built roadster No 40

10 1/2 inches long. Red, Black trimming.




You’ll never get tired playing with Structo Toys. First you build your car, then you run it. Look at these dandy models; Nos. 12, 8 and 11 There are others just as fine. Each one comes complete in a box, with full directions, ready for you to assemble and ion Start your Christmas list not with the one you're going to get. Tell all the folks a Structo Auto Builder Outfit is what you want. Look at the Outfits in the Toy Department, the Hardware Store, or any store that sells good toys. Be sure its "STRUCTO" because that’s the only Auto-Builder Outfit.


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