Buddy "L" Road Roller Number 290

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buddy l Pressed Steel Toy Sand Screener Number 300Buddy “L” Sand Screener
Number 300

Looks just like the big ones—works just like the big ones—a complete sand and gravel plant consisting of truck, elevator, chute, screen, measuring bin and hopper.
THE TRUCK has 3” rear wheels; 2” front wheels 6” folding tongue: and channel section frame with steel platform.
THE ELEVATOR is double endless chain type with adjustable boxings and 14 steel buckets driven by crank with folding handle.
THE SCREEN is steel wire mesh 8” long: 3” wide with vibrating mechanism, which works automatically with elevator.
THE CHUTE is 3¼” wide: 4” deep anti holds material while being screened.
MEASURING BIN is 5%” long: 3%” wide: and 4” deep; tapered at bottom with sliding discharge gate.
HOPPER for gravel is 4” wide x 5%” long x 3¼” deep anti is operated by cable windlass fitted with ratchet lock.
OPERATION: Turn the crank and the buckets scoop the material up, elevate and discharge it into chute, the screen vibrates and fine sand goes through meshes into measuring bin—gravel rolls off end of screen into hopper.
GENERAL SPECIFICATIONS: Length. 29”: height. 21”: width, 18”; weight. 22 pounds : finish, brilliant red with black trim.


Buddy L Hoisting TowerBuddy “L” Hoisting Tower
Number 350

This is one of the most unusual playthings ever produced—an exact miniature working model of the hoisting towers used on large construction work for spouting mixed concrete to the various parts of the job. OPERATION. The loading skip at the base is filled with mixed concrete—the loader hoist raises it to the highest point of the track where it is tilted and emptied into bucket inside the tower frame work—a second hoist then raises the bucket to the desired tower height where the concrete is emptied into a large hopper from which it is poured from any of the three spouts right into the forms. THE TOWER rests on a steel base, is 39” High. built entirely of steel and is thoroughly welded and riveted at all joints so as to withstand hard abuse. LOADING SKIP is 2” x 2” square at bottom, 2” deep and tapers to 5” long at top. HOPPER is 3” x 3” square at top, 3” deep and is fitted with special valve for releasing concrete to any one of the three spouts—It is also fitted with special adjustable joints so that spouts can be swung in any direction desired as well as raised and lowered. SPOUTS are open at top and telescopic type 15” long when closed and 25 3/4" long when extended. Spouts are supported by heavy wire horses or chairs. HOIST is operated by hand crank and is of double drum type with 2” drums, automatic locks, etc. MOTOR is represented by miniature housing such as used on the multiple cylinder, industrial type motors so common on Construction work. FINISH: Enameled green with bucket and spouts black. DIMENSIONS: Height, 39”; base, 12” square; width, with skip down, 16’ 2”; weight, 22’ 2 pounds.

buddy l Pressed Steel Toy Sandloader number 230Buddy “L” Sand Loader
Number 230

An ingenious Buddy “L” Plaything that will amuse and hold the interest of any youngster for hours and hours.
OPERATION. The buckets mounted on an endless chain operated by crank, scoop up the sand from the pile—elevate it to the top where it is dumped into a chute and spouted into the waiting truck.
ELEVATOR is double chain type with twelve steel buckets 2” long x 11/2” wide x 34” deep. It is equipped with adjustable lower boxings to take up chain slack and has substantial steel side plates and steel bottom.
MAIN FRAME is all steel construction, carefully welded at all joints to withstand strain and side twist. It is 7” long; 5” high and 5” wide.
CHUTE is made of steel, 5” long; 2¼” wide and 3” deep.
SPOUT is 5¼” long; 2’2” wide; 1” deep, tapered, made of steel and tilted to proper angle for fast discharge.
FEATURES. One of the special features of this outfit is the mechanism consisting of hand wheel, rack and gear which permits changing the pitch of the elevator so that it will work low or high on the pile as desired.
CHASSIS. Steel channel section frame; steel axles; supporting brackets; and 2” aluminum wheels with 1” tires.
FINISHED with two coats Olive Green auto enamel baked on with trimming of black and red.
GENERAL DIMENSIONS: Length, 21”; width, 9’2”; height, 18”; weight, 12 pounds.

Buddy "L" Road Roller Number 290Buddy "L" Road Roller Number 290

A remarkable reproduction by Buddy “L” engineers of the big steam rollers that are used on street and highway work throughout the country. THE ROLLER is made of steel, 234 inch diameter, by 4’2” long, and is supported by heavy steel frame which permits it to oscillate with the unevenness of the surface; miter-geared steering mechanism connected to roller by chain, steers just like big rollers. DRIVE WHEELS are steel, staggered spoke type, 534 inches in diameter with 25 ~ inch tires. BOILER is 2’2” in diameter; 8” long with 222 x 1’2 dome, 4’ stack and 3” x 4” firebox. FINISHED in green enamel with red roller, wheels and trim. GENERAL DIMENSIONS: Length, 20”; width, 8’2”; height, 10’; weight, 20 lbs.

Buddy L Concrete mixerBuddy “L” Concrete Mixer Number 280

Built just like the big ones used on bridges, dams, roads, etc., and it actually mixes concrete.
MIXING DRUM: 534” in diameter; 53/4” long, made of steel with 6 pick-up buckets and six mixing blades; drum revolves on four steel rollers and is driven by two steel gears. Discharge chute is 1~ 2 wide by 4” long.
LOADER is double cable, pivoted type with tapering skip. To raise skip you simply push clutch lever to left; to lower skip, push to right. TRUCK: Front wheels 2” in diameter with 1” tires, rear wheels 3” in diameter with 5~” tires; 722” jointed hitch tongue; steel platform is 7” wide by 16” long. WATER TANK: Large capacity 2~/3” in diameter by 434” long with brass faucet. POWER is by crank on end of drive shaft which operates mixing drum and loader hoist which is controlled by clutch. FINISH: Fine grey enamel, baked on. EQUIPMENT: One all steel measuring shovel furnished with each machine. GENERAL DIMENSIONS: Length, 23”; width (with skip down), 171/2”; height, 15”; weight, l6 1/2  pounds.

Buddy L concrete Mixer Pressed Steel ToyBuddy “L” Concrete Mixer Number 280-A

Operates and is built same as No. 280, except truck is fitted with crawler type traction wheels, 14” long, with 158” x 3/4” chain-link section tread. MIXING is done by filling loading skip with sand and cement—throw in loader clutch—turn crank—skip raises and materials slide into drum—add water, release clutch, allowing skip to drop for next batch— turn crank until drum makes fourteen revolutions— pull discharge chute lever and mixed batch will be discharged in a pile ready for use. EQUIPMENT includes one all-steel measuring shovel. FINISHED in grey, baked-on enamel with black trimming. GENERAL DIMENSIONS: Length, 16”; height, 16”; width with skip down, l7’2”; weight, 17 pounds.


Buddy "L" Trench Digger Number 400Buddy "L" Trench Digger Number 400
OPERATION: Turning handle on crank shaft of miniature multiple cylinder engine, forces the digging buckets into the earth- as each is filled it is elevated to top of machine and contents emptied through chute onto conveyor which carries it clear of trench and discharges it onto pile or loads it into truck as desired.  ELEVATOR: is 18" long with adjustable boxing and has 22 digging buckets, 1 1/2" wide by 1" deep of endless belt type. It is controlled for trench depth by special cable windlass. CONVEYOR: is 13" long with 1 3/4" wide canvas belt running over hardwood rollers. It is fitted with spring tightness and is operated in conjunction with elevator by bevel gearing. Conveyor has ratchet type windlass for adjusting the elevation or pitch to suit the work. TRACTOR TRUCK: is 14" long with steel axles, 3" wheels and crawler tread. GENERAL DIMENSIONS: Length 24"; height, 20" width 14"; weight, 42 pounds; finish, yellow and red enamel with black trim.

Buddy L Steam Shovel Number 220Buddy “L” Steam Shovel Number 220

Built just like the big shovels used for digging cellars, ditches and other excavations. It scoops up the dirt, elevates it, then swings clear around and drops the load at any desired spot. THE TRUCK has 2” wheels, 1” tires, steel axles and a heavy steel platform 6 ~“ long x 4¼” wide. THE CAB is 10” long, 5¼” high and 6¼” wide with solid steel floor and corrugated steel roof. It is braced with two ¼” channel steel braces.
THE BOOM is 13” long and swings in a 14” mast which is rigidly braced. Boom is operated by cable windlass fitted with automatic ratchet and folding crank. THE SHOVEL is 2¼” x 234” x 2’4” deep with 1” digging teeth, and automatic clump door lock which is released for dumping by special pull cable, FINISHED with two coats baked-on black enamel with red truck platform and cab roof. DIMENSIONS: Length, Over all. 25”: width, 10”; height. 14”: weight, 8 pounds.

Buddy L Steam Shovel Number 220 ABuddy “L” Steam Shovel Number 220-A

A faithful replica of the latest improved type of steam shovels—the big fellows that dig into the earth—scoop up a load-—elevate it and then swing round and dump it onto a pile or load it into trucks or cars for hauling. THE SHOVEL is 2¼” x 234” x 2¼” deep with 1” long digging teeth and automatic dump-door lock. Movements of shovel are controlled by windlass fitted with double set of clutches. THE BOOM is steel and swings in a well braced and specially designed mast and is extended by rack and gear mechanism operated by a miniature compound engine. THE CAB is substantially built with steel floor and corrugated steel roof and can be turned in a complete circle on truck bed by means of Tiller wheel. THE TRUCE has steel channel section frame, steel axles, aluminum wheels and heavy steel platform or bed. BOILER is 2 3/4” in diameter and 9” high with hinged fire door and dome type stack. FINISHED with two coats black enamel, baked on, and trimmed in red. DIMENSIONS: Length. 27’,a”: height, 14”; width, 10”: weight, 17 pounds.

Buddy L Steamshovel with TracksBuddy “L” Steam Shovel Number 220 A-B

This model is same size, design and construction as Buddy “L” steam shovel Number 220-A, except that it is equipped with traction truck, 14” long with 3” wheels, steel axles and crawler type tread made of 1 5/4” x 3/4” steel chain-link sections. This Buddy “L” plaything is just like the big steam shovels that are used in low, swampy sections where the ordinary type of truck shovel would become mired. FINISHED with two Coats of enamel which is baked on so as to give a hard wear and weather-resisting surface. The truck frame, cab roof and trimming is red, balance is black. DIMENSIONS: Length, 2712”; height, 17”; width, 12”; weight, 18 pounds.

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