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Buddy “L" Tug Boat
Number 3000
This Buddy ‘L” Model appeals to boys because it not only looks like a big boat but it actually runs like one.

OPERATION: Air is pumped into a large, separate air tank, built into the hull of the boat, with an ordinary bicycle pump—when this air is released it operates an ingenious air motor, directly connected to the tank, and this rotates the brass, three-blade type propeller and sends the craft through the water. The speed is governed by a regulating valve on the stern deck and direction of travel is controlled by special steering device which locks the rudder in any position desired.

THE HULL is 27” long from bow to stern, 5” deep from deck to keel, built of heavy 20-gauge non-rusting terne plate steel and embodies the beautiful, graceful lines of the snappiest craft afloat.

CABIN is l2’2” long by 434” wide, 214” high from main deck to roof.

PILOT HOUSE is 2’4” high, 43k” long and 234” wide, fitted with headlight. Upper deck is enclosed by 1” brass railing. Stack is 1’ 2 in diameter by 4’4” long.

AIR MOTOR is enclosed in the hull with the controls projecting through the deck. It is very simple—requires no attention and will last indefinitely.

FINISHED with two coats beautiful green enamel with red trim.

DIMENSIONS: Length over all, 27’,; width, 61,4”; height, 11”.

Buddy L Tug Boat Number 3000 Illustration Showing Portion of Air Tank, Air Motor and Propeller.

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Buddy L Tugboat No. 3000


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